cuboro Webkit

The cuboro Webkit is the free browser version of the famous educational game for kids and adults. The player can build fascinating tracks in a 3D environment and compete with other users for the new highscore using the official score-rules. It is created with Adobe Flash in combination with the 3D-Engine Away3D and the physics-framework JigLibFlash. […]


Parabola is a 2D browser-game developed with Adobe Flash. The goal is so kick a soccer-ball as far as possible while collecting money-bags and avoiding lots of funny obstacles. While the kick-off is just a small part of the game the control of the ball is much more important. The player is able to kick […]


MONO! has been my first iOS Game that I released on the App Store. It has been created when it first became possible to create mobile apps using Adobe Flash/Air. My goal was to get throuh every step of the development process from concept to release. That includes the concept, artwork, animations, coding, project-management, dev environment […]

The Soap

The concept of the MMO “The Soap” has been a mixture of a Sims game with some RPG elements in a Sex & the City setting. It has been developed with Adobe Flash using the Away3D-Engine and a server architecture using Java. I developed an asset-management tool for the artists and game designers to work […]