Firefly is a 2D side-scroller game were the player is flying through a world of deadly obstacles. The game can be played with only one button or tap and is mainly aimed to run on the mobile platforms. The art-style is inspired by the famous indie game Limbo. It has been developed by three team […]


The apps name “Gezz” is derived from the englisch word “to guess”. The goal of this game is to guess which color covers most screen space while a timer counts down. Depending on the chosen difficulty the game shows more distinct colors and geometric shapes. There more combination of color and shapes are present the […]

Collision Course

Collision Course is a side scroller game that has been created during a semester on the university Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin. Students of the Game Design and Computer science and media formed teams of 6-9 members. Mostly game designers and some developer. My group consisted of 7 members containing three developers. My work […]


Like Collision Course the game Paperplane is a product of a cooperation between the students of Game Design and Computer Science and Media. This time teams had sizes of 4-6 members and the event was organized as a 1-week Game Jam. My team, like most teams, had only one developer and 3-5 game designers and artists. […]