This game was part of my master thesis in which I developed an Entity-Component-System framework for the Unity game engine. To evaluate the usability an functionality of the implemented entity-framework I created “Warmongers”. It is a Tug-of-War game where two opposing faction fight for map domination. The game is also a Realtime-Strategie-Game, so the game is not waiting for the user input nor has the other enemy player. Both faction can build different units like the Knight, Bowman, Archer, Cavalry and Spearman. Each unit is strong against some of the others an weak against the rest. Its up to the player to decide which kind of reinforcements are needed in each situation. To build units the player has to spend money which is earned by creating a certain building.

Buildings are placed on one of four a construction sides. A building is always only temporary: It fullfills it’s  task and is then removed again. A money building for example is created, earn the player some money for a few seconds and disappears to make room for another building. There are buildings for unit creation, earn money, a turret tower and to create science points.

To win the game a player has to dominate and destroy all buildings of his opponent. Alternatively it is possible to win by earning science points which are created by the before mentioned science buildings (Alchemy house).

The game also features a replay functionality which is part of the created Entity-Component-System framework.

All assets were bought in the Unity Asset Store


  • Player VS AI
  • Player VS Player


  • Mouse
  • Gamepad

Demo version

The browser version of the game can be played here: Play Warmongers

Ingame Screenshot