How to do delayed function calls in Unity3D (one line of code)

Ok, after years of working with ActionScript 3 I got used to use Greensocks superb tweening library “TweenMax” a lot. In my opinion one of the most useful functions is the “delayedCall” method which lets me execute code with some delay (who would have guessed it). TweenMax (AS3): TweenMax.delayedCall(2, launchRocket); Invoke (C#): I was looking […]

How to connect a MovieClip to an external ActionScript class file

A great advantage of AS3 is the possibility to use external ActionScript Files for your projects. So there is no need to use confusing timeline code anymore. Except for very small projects for demonstration purpose or something like that. This tutorial is going to show how you can connect a MovieClip with external ActionScript 3 […]