VSCode as an alternative to MonoDevelop for Unity

Ever since I can remember Unity comes with a tweaked version of MonoDevelop to help you produce your code magic and it’s truely not satisfying to work with. But there is an alternative named VSCode that is working on Windows & Mac alike. And you are about to read about it right now. Update 03/26/2016: […]

Duplicate & Delete lines in MonoDevelop

While I was working with FlashDevelop I used the duplicate & delete line shortcuts a lot. Since I’ve been working with Unity3D/MonoDevelop I missed that, thought there is no way to do so. But… there is. And it’s even cooler. 🙂 If you have no text selected in MonoDevelop the copy, paste & cut shortcuts are […]

Slow MonoDevelop on mac – How to fix it

Are you familiar with the nasty slowdowns of MonoDevelop while working with Unity3D on your mac? Just turn off the Git plugin! Can be done under: MonoDevelop-Unity->Add-In-Manager->VersionControl->Git support That’s it! 😉